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      Wyoming Adventures

      Your Guide To Fly Fishing Wyoming's Bighorn River

                                 Call John Schwalbe at 307-272-6792

                                               [email protected]

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report - 12/22 End of the year. I got lazy with the reports at the end of the year. It became too much with hunting season. Thanks to all for another successful season. I look forward to 2023. Give us a call as soon as the temps get into the 40's on average.


Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming -Fly Fishing Report - 10-3-22. - 900 cfs some grass floating down but not much of an issue. Annelids and baetis is mostly the game.  Getting some good fish. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report - 9/30/22 - Flows are at 921 cfs. The moss is there but manageable. Some stretches better than others. Crawdads, Tricos, baetis and annelids are getting them. Fishing is getting better with cooler temps. Seeing more heads up on the surface. Getting some on hoppers as well. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report- 9/15/22 - Flows are at 1100 cfs. There is starting to be a good amount of stringy moss coming down the river. Especially south of town. Fishing is still solid. Trico's, baetis, annelids, caddis and crawfish are getting them. Weather is getting cooler and so are the water temps. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report - 8/24/22 - Flows are at 1150 cfs and the water is clear on all stretches. It gets a little off color the further north you go. Annelids, tricos, sow bugs, caddis and crawdads are primarily what they are eating. Some occasional hopper eats as well. Fishing can be spotty but generally good. Watch the water temps, especially north of town. They are getting warm by the end of the day. 

7/27/22 - Bighorn River - Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report - Flows are at 1200 cfs after the recent flush.  Fishing has been great. Crawdads, tricos, worms, caddis, hoppers will get you some fish. Call us so we can show you how. 307-272-6792

7/1/22- Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming- Fly Fishing Report - The currents are currently at 2580 cfs. The water has a greenish tone to it but has plenty of visibility. The moss is not much of an issue. Fish are hitting the surface pretty good in places. Tricos, caddis, pseudos, crawfish, worms, sallies - Fishing is very productive and we are getting into some really good sized trout. 

6-14-22- Bighorn River , Thermopolis, Wy. Fly Fishing Report - Flows are up to 4800 cfs - Sallies, PMD's, Trico's, annelids, sow bugs and crawdads will be getting them once things settle down. The moss is becoming more of an issue but not bad yet. The fishing has been great. Call us. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fly Fishing Report - 6/6/22= Fishing is great as always. BWO's are dwindling away. Flows are at 2300 cfs. Its getting a bit mossy but too bad. Sow bugs, baetis, annelids, crawdads.

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report 5/5/22- Flows are increasing to 2200 cfs beginning tomorrow morning. Buffalo Creek blew out and is muddy from all the rain. Baetis and sow bugs have been the ticket but we will see what the flows do to change it. 

4/19/22- Bighorn River - Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report- Fishing is still solid. Sowbugs and baetis mostly. 725 cfs. 

3/22/22-Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report = Fishing is still great. Sow Bugs and eggs in morning. Midge baetis and worms in afternoon. Please leave the redds alone. 307-272-6792

3/1/22 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report - Fishing continues to be great. Catching lots of fish and good quality. Midge are more on the menu but sowbugs are the main fare. 

2/10/22 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming- Fly Fishing Report -  It just gets better and better. You have to come experience it for yourselves.


2/6/22 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report = Well February is shaping up to being even better than January quantity as well as quality. Same stuff. I ran sowbugs all day. 307-272-6792 

!/23/22 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report = What else can I say? Fishing is damn good right now. Sow bugs,midge and worms

1/18/22- Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming -  Fly Fishing Report- Fishing is incredible. Lots of fish and some dandies' too. Midge, sow bugs and worms. 


1/14/22 - Thermopolis, Wyoming Bighorn River, Fly Fishing Report - Well here we go again. We did not have much of an off season. We are starting trips again already. The weather has been beautiful and the fishing is already getting good. Flows are 701 cfs. Clear and moss free. Sowbugs, midge and worms. 

12/1/21- Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. - Fly Fishing Report - The fishing continues to be excellent. The flows are at 692 cfs and the moss is not much of an issue. There is some stringy grass floating down but it is easy to slap off. Fish are mostly on sow bugs and worms. Baetis are still present but not seeing as many as we were in early November. Fishing should stay solid until we start getting consistent cold temperatures. 

11/16/21 Bighorn River- Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report = Well it was an incredibly successful year and so busy that I lacked on the reports. I was truly burnt out and so busy that we were having to turn clients away due to the lack of guides. The Bighorn is still fishing good. Sowbugs and worms are where it is at still. We are still doing trips and will until the temperatures plummet. 

Sept 1, 2021, Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy - Fly Fishing Report - I cannot believe that it is September. It has been a great season and the fishing has been as good as its been in 20 years or so. We are catching some really big fish this year on average. There are 2 foot + Browns and Bows caught or hooked on about every trip. The moss is breaking up and there is a lot floating down the river. Mostly the stringy stuff that can be easy to cast off. Crawfish, sow bugs, worms are the main fare. 

8/6/21 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report - Sorry we have been too busy to put a fishing report up recently. The fishing is good water temperatures are in the mid 60's for most of the day so get out early. Moss is bad depending on which stretch you are fishing. Crawdads, tricos, worms, damsel nymphs, caddis and sow bugs. Call us because there are some big fish to be had. 

6/22/21 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fishing Report = Fishing is fantastic!!! Crawdads, worms, Yellow Sallies, PMD's Tricos and Caddis. Fish are hitting hoppers at times too. Get here now because the big fish are chowing. Flows are 1400. Water is a bit off color but not bad. Moss isn't too bad until the heat of the day. Call us 307-272-6792. 

6/2/21- Bighorn River Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fishing Report - The fishing is incredible. Large fish are eating crawdads now. Sow bugs, Sallies, PMDs, worms, tricos. Summers fare is in full swing. The moss is an issue but if you can windmill slap it usually comes off. 307-272-6792

Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fly Fishing Report 5/19/21 - Flows are at 1100 cfs. The moss is getting pretty bad, especially later in the day. If you can do the windmill slap than the moss usually comes of fairly easy. Baetis are still around along with midge, caddis, PMD's, Sallies,. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Ticos which should be the end of this month or beginning of June. Worms and sowbugs are taking fish too. 

5/3/21 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy Fly Fishing Report - The fishing is great. Flows are up to 910 cfs. The moss was stirred up for a bit but has settled some. Baetis, midge, sowbugs, eggs, caddis, worms are all working. You can get some good ones on streamers too. Dry fly season is coming soon. We have had a few good dry days on baetis already this year. Call us 307-272-6792. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fishing Report - 4/15/21 - Its been windy and colder but the fishing is fantastic. Flows are still at 600 cfs but will be increasing May 1st to 1200 cfs. Sowbugs, midge and baetis. Call us 307-272-6792 to get in on the fun. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy Fly Fishing Report - 4/7/21 - Fishing is great. Mostly getting om baetis and sowbugs. Call us 307-272-6792

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy Fly Fishing Report - 3/23/21 - Fishing is awesome. Sowbugs, midge and baetis are on the menu. Baetis are really hatching in the afternoon. Starting to see some good ones up top sipping on them too. I think this is going to be a great dry fly year. Call us to set up a trip. 307-272-6792

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wy 3/15/21 - The fishing continues to be fantastic. Sow bugs, midge and baetis are working well. Call us and lets go fish. Quantity and quality is to be had now. No floating moss. Just picking it up off the bottom sometimes. Seeing more BWO's on surface. We should start getting some big hatches of them soon. Hopefully we will also start seeing some big sippers on them too. 

3/3/21- Bighorn River,Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report - Well fishing is pretty damn good. The water clarity is gin clear. Flows are low. Sowbugs and midge are primarily the source of food currently. call us at 307-272-6792 to get in on the action. 

2/16/21- Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. - Fishing Report = It got really cold!!! We had to postpone some trips due to below freezing temperatures. It looks like we are going to be back on the river soon though with temps getting warmer. It was probably a good reprieve for the trout. They are going to be chowing again though with warmer days. 

2/9/21= Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report - Fishing is incredible on the warmer days. Sowbugs, midge, worms, eggs, baetis will catch fish. 

1/31/21 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fishing Report - Flows are low at 600 cfs. The fishing right now is fantastic. Sow bugs and midge are the most productive food source. Call Jacque at 307-921-1233 for shuttles and John at 307-272-6792 for guided fishing trips. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report 9/7/20 = The fishing is great. Water clarity is fantastic and the moss is not much of an issue. We are able to nymph with very little problems with grass. Crawfish, hoppers, worms and tricos are primarily what they are eating. We have been getting some good ones. Flows are at 1200 cfs. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming,Fishing Report= 8/14/20- Fishing is fantastic. Moss is not great but seems to be getting a bit better at times. Hoppers are getting more fish but mostly on the dropper. Crawdads, worms, caddis, tricos, cranefly and damsel flys. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming, Fishing Report- 7/27/20-  The fishing is great. They are starting to look up more for hoppers. The moss is an issue but its worth the headache. 

Bighorn, River Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report- 7/14/20 - Fishing is seriously great. Big fish are chowing crawdads. The moss is a pain but its well worth the headache due to the reward. Some hopper eats but not electric yet. Drowned tricos, caddis, worms, sallies, sow bugs, crane fly larvae

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report 7/8/20-  The fishing is great. The big boys are chowing (and girls too) The moss is not so bad in the morning but gets worse later in the day. Water clarity is getting much clearer. Trico's and crawfish are key. They are still taking sally and PMD nymphs . And never neglect the worm. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report 7/3/20- Fishing has been excellent especially on overcast cooler days. The hot sunny days causes the moss to really grow. Sallies, PMD's, Trico's, Caddis, sow bugs, Crane Fly Larvae, Annelids are getting the job done. Terrestrials are getting a few. Hopper fishing will get better as the grasshoppers start getting larger. Clarity is a little off color and the flows are 1400 cfs. Streamers are good day to day. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report 6/29/20 = Fishing has been fantastic this week. We had a cold front move through and it equated to longer days of consistent hook ups. A lot of big fish are showing up. Water is off color but plenty of visibility and flows remain at 1400 cfs. Annelids, Tricos, PMDs, Sallies, Caddis, sow bugs, crane fly larvae. Streamers have been solid at times and getting some top water terrestrial action.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Report -  Thermopolis, Wy. - Fishing is really good but the moss is pretty bad. Baetis, Sow Bugs, Caddis, annelids are catching fish. As temps get warmer they should start looking up for terrestrials soon. 1400 cfs

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wy. June 11- 2020 - Fishing is really good. The moss is less of an issue now after the flush but its still a factor. The flows are at 1400 cfs and the clarity is a little off color. PMD's, Yellow Sallies, caddis, annelids and sow bugs. We have been getting into some rising trout on certain days on PMD's too. Mousing has interested some fish at times and we are hoping to see some good terrestrial action soon.

Bighorn River Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wyoming - 4/7/20 -  Fishing continues to be very good. Baetis are really coming off and the trout are keying in on the nymphs. Midge, sow bugs, annelids will still get some trout as well. River is clearing now that Buffalo Creek has slowed down the mud coming into the river. Flows are at 1800 cfs.  

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report April 22, 2020 - Fishing has been very good in the mornings. Midge, eggs, baetis and sow bugs. Water is a bit off color and the flows are at 1800 cfs.

Bighorn River,Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report- April 13, 2020 -  The fishing has been fantastic. Annelids, eggs, midge, sow bugs, and baetis are what's for dinner. Flows are at 2200 cfs. Great time to distance yourself on the river. 

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report   3/24/20 - The fishing has been insane. The flows have gone up to 5000 today for the flush. They will drop down to 2200 cfs tomorrow and stay at those flows until the snow pack starts to melt and the reservoir fills up.  Starting to see more Baetis daily. 

3/19/20 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report- Fishing is really good. Midge, eggs, baetis, annelids,sow bugs are doing it. Water is beautiful. Get here while its hot. 

Mar 3, 2020 Bighorn River Thermopolis Fishing Report - With the warm weather the fish are starting to really get on the feed. Sowbug and midge have been most consistent. 307-272-6792

Bighorn River, Thermopolis Wyoming Fishing Report

March 2, 2020 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report - The weather is getting nicer and the fishing is getting better. Sow Bugs, midge and annelids are what trout are mostly keying in on. Long dead drifts with long rigs is how to get it done. The fishing can be spotty but at the end of the day you should have many opportunities. Baetis should be showing up soon with the warmer days. The Bows will be spawning soon so be aware of where you are wading and do what you can to not disturb them while on the redds. 

December 15, 2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report - It is cold. We have started ice fishing on Boysen and are still trying to get our late season elk. Fish are eating chronimids mostly. The bite has certainly slowed down but the warmer days you can get into them.

November 18,2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fishing Report:

Fishing has been spotty but we are still getting into some nice fish. The smaller guys are pretty active though. Baetis, annelids, sow bugs and midge. River is at 1140 cfs. 

October 8, 2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report: This fishing has been solid. The flows are just below

1200 cfs and the moss is not much of an issue. Crawfish, annelids, baetis, caddis, crane fly larvae, midge and occasional terrestrials are working. Streamer fishing is solid on certain days as well as dry fly opportunities. 

Sept. 4, 2019 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy. Fishing Report =

The weather and the fishing is hot. The moss is not as much of a factor and the water clarity is great. Hopper/Dropper rigs are working as well as streamers, nymph rigs and drys. Flows are at 1200 CFS. 

August 28, 2019 -Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report-

Fishing remains very solid. Hopper/Dropper is a good setup. You can get away with full on nymph rigs early in the day but it gets too mossy in the afternoon. Fast water is where its at. Crawfish, caddis, Trico,s, worms, damsel fly nymphs, crane fly larvae and terrestrials have all been found in stomach samples recently. 

August 17,2019 - Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report-

Fishing is good. Trout are looking up for hoppers. Come get in on some great surface action for big fish. 

August 2019- Bighorn River Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wy

The fishing has been good with your standard nymph rig in morning and going to a hopper/dropper rig in the afternoon when the moss gets worse. Fish are in faster shallower water too. Crawfish, annelids, tricos, caddis, cranefly larvae, damsel fly larvae are catching fish. Trout are also looking up for hoppers. 

July 19,2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wy Fishing Report

The flows are down to 3000 cfs and I anticipate them going down again soon. Tricos are starting to become more abundant but trout have plenty of choices for food. PMDs, Caddis, annelids, cranefly larvae, damsel fly larvae, crawfish and sow bugs have been found in stomach samples. The moss is an issue but I believe fish will be starting to look for terrestrials up top soon with flows going down. Streamers working in fast shallow water.

July 10,2019 Bighorn River Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wy.

The flows are down to 3500 cfs today. The fishing is good but the moss becomes an issue later in the day. Crawfish, PMD, Yellow Sallies,

Sow Bugs, annelids, caddis, tricos are the recent table fare. 

July 3,2019 Bighorn River Fishing Report - Thermopolis, Wy

Well the flows have gone down to 3500 and now back up to 4000 cfs. The fishing has been fantastic. PMD, Caddis, Midge, sowbugs,Yellow Sallies, Trico's, Annelids and crawfish. The fish have plenty of options out there for food and that is why they are so big. 

June 27,2019 Bighorn River Fishing Report- Thermopolis, Wy

Well since the last report we have gone to 6200 cfs to 5000 cfs today. The fishing is great PMD's and Yellow Sallies is where its at. It is now safe to go below 8th St. Bridge. 

June 21, 2019 - Bighorn River Fishing Report, Thermopolis, Wy

Well here we go again. We are at 7000 cfs. Big water is here but fishing is good. The Bureau of Reclamation claim that the flows should not go any higher but I doubt it. Be careful out there and do not float pass 8th St Bridge because you will not make it past the next set of bridges. PMD hatches have been coming off like I have never seen here before. Sallies are also abundant and fish are eating nymphs of both. Crawfish, annelids, sow bugs, eggs and caddis will take fish. Work the areas that are out of the main flows (behind islands, back eddys and inside bends.) Fish are large and feisty. Moss is not too bad. Clarity is good. 

June 13,2019 Bighorn River Fishing Report -Thermopolis, Wy---

Flows are now at 3500 CFS and are suppose to be up to 4600 CFS by this afternoon. The moss is an issue but not as bad as it has been this year. We are seeing PMD's, midge, sow bugs, sallies, annelids and crawfish in stomach samples. Fishing is good especially a few days after they bump the flows. Streamers are working from day to day. 

June 6,2019 Bighorn River Fishing Report

The flows are at 3000 CFS. It has been muddy with all of the rain. Buffalo Creek and Red Creek has been dumping red mud. It is clearing up now and fishing is very good. The moss is a factor but is settling down. Crawfish, annelids, Sallies, Caddis and midge pupae are getting it done. 

May 22, 2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report:

The flows are up to 2200 CFS. This caused the moss to get stirred up and it was an issue for awhile. It has settled down a lot and the river is fishing great. We are averaging 18-19" and all of the fish are fat and explosive. They are gorging themselves primarily on Baetis nymphs. Streamer fishing in the rain has been very solid as well. 

April 24,2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report update: The nymphing is incredible right now. We are averaging 19-20" fish and consistently catching them all day. The baetis and midge hatches have been impressive. Getting some dry fly eats and streamers will tag a few throughout the day. Baetis and midge flies are key. Annelids, eggs and sows will get some too. 

April 10, 2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming , Fishing Report update: We got some weather this week. Overcast rainy days bring out the BWO's which bring up large trout sipping on them. There have been a lot of good sized Browns up top. You sometimes have to dig them out from under trees or in tight spots. Your skills will certainly be tested. Fish are fighting really hard too.

April 2019 Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Fishing Report...

The BWO's are here. We had a blanket hatch yesterday. Plan on getting here when its overcast with maybe some rain and you will see some sippers up on them. Annelids, sow bugs, midge and baetis are catching fish. 

March 2019 Update: Baetis are here and we are seeing some fish up on them in the evenings. Nymphing has been good but you must be hitting the right water and dialed in on your rig to have success. Sow bugs, midge, baetis have been the most consistent types of flies for success. Trout are hitting streamers too but can be pretty inconsistent. The quality of the fish we are catching have been impressive. 

March 2019 - The cold is letting up. The fishing is getting better. Nymphing is solid and streamers are good too. Midge, sow bugs and annelids are working. Stomach samples have mostly olive midge pupae.

Jan 2019 - Its been cold and windy. Fishing can be productive in the warmer part of the day. Dead drifting midge, annelids and sowbugs in the tailouts will get you into fish. Sreamers cab be hit and miss but dead drifting leeches and crawfish can also be productive.

Dec, 2018

Well with the warmer afternoons the fish have been actively feeding on midge. Olive midge are mainly what the stomach samples have been producing. Seeing some olive caddis as well. Nymphing the deeper tailouts is where its at. 

Nov. 1, 2018

The season is about over but the fishing is getting better. After the lake turned over and we got a cold snap the fishing got pretty slow. Things are rebounding now however. We are getting them still on streamers but nymphing is the best way to get into fish. You can get them on annelids, caddis, baetis and midge. Crawfish and leeches as well. 

Oct. 8,2018

The fishing is really solid. Streamers, nymphs and drys. Crawdads, annelids, caddis, baetis, midge, crane fly larvae are taking fish. It is that time of year where you can get a chance on some really big "special" fish. Come get one. 

Sept. 25,2018

The fishing is incredible here on the Bighorn in Thermopolis. The moss is really not an issue and the water looks great. The Trico hatches have been amazing and now mixed with pseudos and baetis. There are a lot of fish feeding on the surface now. We are having success with nymphing, streamers and drys which means juggling rods from one situation to another but it also means more hook ups. It is a great time to be here. Call us at 307-272-6792. 

Sept 12, 2018

The flows are down to 1000 cfs. Fishing has been consistently good. We are still doing very well with a hopper/dropper/dropper rig. We are running a crawfish and drowned trico below a hopper. As the temps drop we will start seeing a bunch more fish sipping the tricos on the surface. Right now you will get several shots on risers but the are often in pretty challenging places. 

August 24, 2018

The flows are at 1200 cfs. The fishing is really good on most of the stretches here. Traffic has been light so having the stretch to yourself is common right now. The hopper/dropper rig is killing it. The Browns have been more on it recently and the bows continue to chow. It's a great time to be here. Seeing more fish up on Trico's too. 

August 8, 2018

The flows are down to 1350 cfs now. Moss is bad but not as bad in the mornings or cooler overcast days. Hopper/Dropper is getting it done in riffles and off ledges in faster water. Casting hoppers are getting plenty of action if you can get it where it needs to be. Tight places in the shade under trees are often rewarded. Trico's are coming off but only seeing a handful of trout actively rising to them. 

Aug. 2, 2018 Bighorn River Fishing Report

The flows are down to 1800 cfs currently. The river continues to clear but is very mossy, especially in the afternoons. It is very difficult to do much nymphing without constant moss hanging on your line and flies. We have started targeting the surface primarily. There are an abundance of natural hoppers on the banks and the Trico hatch is getting better each day. The fish are starting to look up more now. Casting hoppers along the banks in the faster shallower water or off drop offs where there is good current will pay off. Shade is key as well. Getting your fly in tight spots is imperative to a successful day. Hopper dropper rigs in certain areas will pay dividends as well. 

July 24,2018 Bighorn River Fishing Report

The flows are down to 2100 cfs. The water visibility is getting better and the banks are loaded with grasshoppers. If you stick with it you'll get a handful of trout on hoppers. Trout on getting up into the fast shallow riffles. The moss isn't as bad in the mornings but gets much worse in the afternoons. 

July 19,2018 Bighorn River Fishing Report

The flows are down to 2500 cfs finally. The moss is getting to be an issue but we should be doing better with drys now that the flows are lower. Grasshoppers are loaded on the banks and the Trico hatches should be getting better now.  

July 13,2018 Fishing Report Update

The flows are down to 3500 cfs and clearing. The fish are still on the crawdads and worms. With the flows dropping the trout are starting to move into different lies. The heat is also pushing them up into the faster runs. Caddis, Trico's, Sallies, cranefly, and annelids are being keyed in on by trout but they are still most consistently eating the crawdad. However some days it can be mostly on the worm. The moss is getting worse and the cooler parts of the day are more productive. 

July 5th, 2018 Fishing Report Update

The flows are down to 5000 cfs and should continue to drop over the next couple of weeks. Fishing has slowed down some since this recent drop but should pick up after the trout stabilize. Sallies, PMD's, trico's, caddis, crane fly's, and midge are all hatching. However the only things that the fish seem to key in on are crawfish and annelids. 

June 27th, 2018 Fishing Report Update

The flows have gone up to 7000 cfs and now starting to drop. We are currently at 6500 cfs. The water has been off color but getting greener tones to it now with more visibility. The flows should continue to drop with 2000 cfs being the target sometime in mid July. Crawfish and annelids are the most consistent food of choice recently. Not getting into a lot of numbers but really quality fish. 

June 21, 2018 Fishing Report Update

A lot of updates in June as the water flows go up and down. Due to a few inches of rain around Crowheart the Wind doubled in size and dumped a bunch more water into Boysen which is at capacity. Consequently the flows on the Bighorn had to increase to get rid of some water. We are at 6500 cfs currently but should be dropping within a week I would guess. Same bugs from previous post are working. Be careful if your going under the bridge below 8th St Bridge. Not much room left. 

June 15, 2018 Fishing Report Update

The flows are now down to 4400 cfs and the fishing is really good. Yellow Sallies have been popping as well as Caddis, Trico's, PED's, and PMD'S. They have been readily taking the crawdads which make for some incredible action when you have a trout on. A lot of fish hitting the air. Annelids are still on the menu as well as cranefly larvae and sow bugs. Moss is much less now that the flows were up to 6000 cfs. 

June 6, 2018 Fishing Update:

The flows are up to 6000 cfs now and should stay there for a week to 10 days. The fishing continues to be solid with the previous mentioned food sources getting it done. Best recent rig was crayfish with worm dropper. 

June 1, 2018

Flows are at 4000 cfs now that runoff is in full swing. The moss is getting crazy but the fishing is solid. Really good streamer days with the bigger water. Fish are back to the banks and soft edges out of the current but they also have been moving into the shallow runs with the temps warming up. So they are really spread out. No hatches at this time but we are finding yellow sally, caddis, baetis and midge nymphs in our samplings. Annelids, sow bugs, eggs, crawfish and leeches will produce fish as well. This is the time of year to hook that special fish. The higher flows can get those bigger fish more actively feeding. Exciting time to be here. We should also be seeing Trico's pretty soon. The flows should be up for a few weeks and then start going back down. 

May 23, 2018 update:

Baetis are starting to dwindle away. We are waiting now for Tricos which should be starting up around the first of June. The water temperature is warming up and we need it to be around 62 degrees in the mornings for that hatch to start. Streamer fishing has been pretty solid with certain times of the day better than others. The moss is beginning to be more of an issue but if your a slapper and not a picker you can clean your flies and get them back in the water quickly. We have been having some luck with terrestrials but nymphs are getting the numbers. Still doing well with sowbugs, baetis, annelids, eggs, midge and caddis nymphs.

May '18- Flows have gone down to 2401 cfs. The fishing is good. Nymphs, streamers and drys are producing really good quality fish. The Browns have been more active and even taken some foam on the surface. Baetis, sow bugs, annelids, caddis and terrestrials are taking trout. Crowds are gone. Great time to be here.

April '18 - Flows are at 3000 cfs . Seeing more Baetis day to day and some trout up on them especially on overcast days. Good streamer days are spotty. Trout mostly taking sow bugs, baetis, midge, worms and eggs. 

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options froMarch '18- Flows are at 2500 cfs and the fishing is good. Midge, sowbugs, baeits, annelids and eggs are taking fish. Starting to see some risers from day to day too. The moss isn't as bad as it was. Fish will take steamers from day to day but you have to work at it all day to get any numbers or results. slow retrieve is best and they will often follow it to within a few feet of the boat. m the toolbar.

February '18- Well winter has been holding on this year. It has been mostly cold with very few days above 40. The fishing has not caught fire like it typically does this time of the year. It is just going to take a few warm days and it will be though. Fish are eating midge. Mostly olive and black and in the afternoon some red pupae. Seeing some sowbugs here and there too.

Midge are hatching at times and are the most prolific food source available other than some very small orange scuds. Red midge pupae in the afternoon are working as well as your typical black and olive midge patterns.

Aug '17 - The flows are down to 2200 cfs and the clarity is getting better with plenty of visibility. Trout are keying in mostly on crawdads but will take caddis pupae, annelids, damsel fly nymphs and leeches. Nymphing is still the main tactic but we are seeing a few sippers here and there on tricos and pale evening duns. They are primarily focusing on the spinners. The hatches have not been prolific yet but getting better with cooler weather. Terrestrials are spotty at best even though the banks are covered with them. If you work hoppers all day you will be rewarded with a few willing trout. 

Late March '17- Flows are at 2200 cfs right now but not for long. We will be having a flush on the 27th at midnight. The plan is to go to 5000 cfs for a 24 hour period and then decrease flows down to around 3000 cfs. The Bureau of Rec may decide to leave the flows at 5000 for awhile if we get much rain in the meantime. Fishing is fantastic right now. Annelids, sow bugs, Baetis, Midge and eggs are what the trout are keying in on. They are definitely focusing in on certain patterns and the day can be tough if you don't know where they are holding. Getting your rig setup at the right depth and with the right weight is crucial for success. Call Wyoming Adventures at 307-272-6792 to book a trip. 

July 2017 - Its been along couple of months with a high blown out river. However things are getting better with flows dropping from 9000 to 6500 and plans to drop down to 3000 asap. The fish are looking for big meals. Crayfish, annelids, caddis pupae, cranefly larvae and leeches will get there attention. Tricos are hatching but have not amounted to much yet. That will be better as the flows drop.

February/March '17 -

The fishing is incredible.With the warmer days come very productive days. Trout are on the feedbag again. Midge, sow bugs and annelids are the most prevalent food sources. With the warmer days there has been some run off from the banks making the river off color in places. The Bureau of Reclamation will be dropping the flows and then raising them due to some repairs that are needed. By Wednesday March 1st the flows should be up to 1100 CFS. Trout are spawning so please be aware of the redds and do not walk on them. Also remember snagging fish is against the law and targeting trout on redds is unethical. 

March 2016

Baetis have been coming off daily since the flush and we are starting to see more and more trout up on them. Fish are concentrating primarily on midge, baetis, sow bugs, annelids and the occasional hellgrammite. The streamer bite is inconsistent but if you stay persistent the reward is usually a better than average sized trout. Fishing is great and no matter what technique you are into there is something for everyone right now.

April '16- BWO's are coming off regularly and the trout are on them. Fish are taking nymphs as well as midge, Baetis, annelids, scuds, sow bugs being the most prolific food sources. Occasional terrestrials are getting some nice takes as well as streamers but they are not very consistent. Flows are up a little to 744 cfs.

May '16 - This month has been a bit funky with the rain and run off. The river has turned to chocolate from Buffalo Creek running red from run off and rain. The days however are getting warmer which has been good for the terrestrial fishing. BWOs are still popping along with midge. When the water clears a bit, annelids have been quite productive. Flows have increased two 2000 cfs on May 6th. Big fish water for streamers.

June '16 - Flows are up to 6000 c.f.s. . Fish are eating but you need to go down and get them. Using long heavy nymph rigs with annelids are your best bet. Sallies are coming off but not much of a factor. Trico's are popping but water is too high and fast for any top water action with any consistency. Streamers will take some fish depending on the day. The moss is becoming more and more of an issue but usually will come off your flies with a few slaps on the water.

July '16/Aug '16 - Flows are down to 1,305 cfs- Fishing is good but there is a lot of grass. Nymphing is the way to go with SJW, rubber legs, sow bugs, caddis and drowned spinners being the most productive . Leeches and crawfish patterns taking fish too. Hoppers are inconsistent but fish will take certain patterns. Sometimes on the twitch sometimes they like it dead drifted.

Sept ' 16 - September is already here and there are signs of fall coming. Fishing is good and getting better on the cooler days. Mornings are great when its hot but by midday it starts to fall off. We are starting to see some more fish up top on Trico's and there are mornings that the hatch is coming down in mats. Most of the trout are taking them subsurface still however. Annelids, sow bugs, Trico spinners, crawfish, caddis pupae and mayfly nymphs have been food of choice. Terrestrials are taking some nice fish too but not electric yet. We have been starting to see more naturals on the banks recently. Here is a nice Brown from a trip this week.

Sept/Oct. '16-- Now that September is almost over and the weather is cooling down, the hatches have been prolific. Clouds of Trico's in the morning and blankets of spinners are getting the larger rainbows up on the surface chowing. We are seeing more pods and bows in places that we haven't seen all summer. Also the Pseudo's have been hatching in the late afternoons and early evenings and there is a great spinnerfall later in the day resulting in good top water action for most of the day. There is a lot of grass but it is mostly stringy and easy to slap or cast of for the most part. The flows are low ( around 850 cfs) and river is clearing after getting muddy due to heavy rain. Nymphing can be good in places with annelids, Baetis, drowned spinners ,sow bugs, leeches, crawfish. We are using shorter rigs and still targeting faster water. Streamers can be inconsistent but there are days they are money. Key faster water and work fast at the head of runs in shallow water for some nice Browns. Terrestrials will always work but not necessarily consistently. Go smaller and natural. Try ants, beetles, crickets as well as hoppers. Seeing a lot of naturals on the banks.